Our Partners

Our most important resource is our partners. Our partners include people who’ve been going to the track for 50 years as well as folks who just recently became interested in racing. A number of us have owned partnership shares in other horses; a few of us, in fact, are veterans of several Internet-based syndicates.

CVF Party in Saratoga

CVF Party in Saratoga

Among us, we have a variety of talents, from computer skills to photography (as displayed on this site) to tennis, finance and law, not to mention our shared interest in racing.

Many of us are avid handicappers. A few of us actually keep horses at home, though not the racing kind. Our strength is that, together, we know more than any one of us could possibly know alone. By sharing our knowledge and insights, we’re able, we hope, to make better decisions.

Lots of Partners

Partners in the Saratoga Paddock

Saratoga Winners Circle

.....and in the winners circle