Castle Village Farm posted excellent numbers for the Aqueduct winter meet — from the first of the year through the end of inner-track racing on March 27th. From five starts, we had two wins — one each for Iguazu and Rigby — and two third place finishes, with total earnings of $45,830. That’s a 40% win percentage, an 80% in-the-percentage, and average earnings per start of $9,166. Thanks to trainer Bruce Brown and our go-to jockey David Cohen for the excellent results!

For comparison, the records for some other partnership groups that offer inexpensive buy-ins for the winter meet were as follows:

Drawing Away Stable:  19% wins, 63% ITM, $4,654 per start

Funky Munky: 12% wins, 47% ITM, $3,860 per start

Karakorum: 13% wins, 35% ITM, $3,270 per start

Partingt Glass: 0% wins, 20% ITM, $1,459 per start



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