At roughly the half-way point in the Belmont meet, here are some very satisfying facts about our horses:

So far at Belmont, Castle Village Farm has a win and two seconds from just 4 starts. That’s a 25% win percentage, and 75% in the money. Our average earnings per start are $7,237.

Those numbers are better than ANY of the moderately-priced partnerships that have run at this Belmont meet, and comparable to some of the expensive partnerships, such as Dogwood and West Point. For example, at this meet, Dogwood is 1-1-0 from 7 starts (14% wins, 29% ITM), with average earnings of $6,838; and West Point is 2-1-2 from 9 starts (22% wins, 55% ITM), with average earnings of $7,747.

Other high-end partnerships like Centennial, Team Valor and Sovereign have better earnings per start than we do, but, remember, their horses cost 10 times or more what ours cost, and their minimum buy-in is $25,000 or more. And their win and in-the-money percentages are generally worse than ours.

Compared to the partnerships in our price range, we’re way better.  Karakorum is 0-1-2 from 24 starts! (0% wins, 12.5% ITM), with pathetic per-start earnings of $1,001. Pont Street is 0-0-1 from 5 starts (0% wins, 20% ITM), average earnings of $2,439. Parting Glass is 0-2-2 from 5 starts (0% wins, 80% ITM), average earnings of $4,310. Funky Munky is 0-1-1 from 3 starts (0% wins, 67% ITM), earnings of $6,400 per start, which is inflated because one of those starts was a last-place finish in a stakes race.

For all partnerships that have started at least one horse at the meet, the figures are 11-13-19 from 111 starts (10% wins, 39% ITM), with average earnings per start of $6,362. So we’re better than average on every measure.



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